3DMAPS – The first academic 3D IC

3D-MAPS (3D MAssively Parallel processor with Stacked memory) V1 is a logic+memory 2-tier 3D IC, where the logic die consists of 64 general purpose processor cores running at 277MHz, and the memory die contains 256KB SRAM. This 3D IC is arguably the FIRST many-core general purpose 3D processor developed in academia. Funded by the Us Department of Defense, this was a project that was being held when I first joined the lab. Having many collaborators such as KAIST, Tezzaron, Amkor Inc, and Board Lab, Our group could successfully tape out this first 3D IC.

So, how marvelous is it? See more details are on the following links

And this is the original link of the details of 3DMAPS



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