Commercial 3D IC starts from Memories

Do we see commercial 3D ICs?


For many years, it was actually a myth that commercial products will be designed using 3D IC technology. However, this now does not appear to be a myth anymore. Recently, Samsung announced that their 3D DDR4 DRAM memory modules will be produced using TSV (through-silicon via) technology. Until now (and currently), memories such as DRAM was designed in planar 2D style, meaning that all DRAM circuitry is inside just one die. However, Samsung has announced its first 3D IC DRAM product recently.

DRAM (dynamic random access memory) is a type of memory that goes inside our electronic systems. For example, in all our cell phones and smartphones, DRAMs are inside there in variety of sizes. Not talking about too much in technical detail, 3D-designed DRAM can run faster in lower power, so why not use them? However, since fabricating 3D IC is something totally new for companies like Intel or Samsung, I believe this is why it took longer than expected to have 3D IC in commercial product. Actually, I heard rumor from various sources that there has been some game going on inside the industries of who will commercialize their 3D ICs first because of the risk that they should take.

However, since we at least know Samsung is working on this, let’s expect for more.

For me, will this mean that I’ll be paid more when I get hired?…:)


See the article:
Samsung starts production of 3D DDR4 DRAM modules

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Samsung begins to produce 64GB DDR4 modules based on TSV chips

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